Synonym Lookup

Lookup synonyms of a given scientific (Latin) plant name using internationally recognized plant lists.

This is designed to work in conjunction with the Plant Taxon (Scientific Name) Lookup page. Once you have established that the scientific name is 'Accepted' you can come here to find synonyms.

If you enter a name here that is not the accepted name and an accepted name is available it will be shown but no synonyms will be shown. If an accepted name is shown lookup that name to see its synonyms.

See the Authority section in the help on the Plant Taxon (Scientific Name) Lookup page.

This setting limits the number of results to show per lookup. If you are logged in the default is taken from your personal settings, see Settings in the main Help, otherwise the default is 50.

This error can occur when the list of plants found cannot fit in available memory. The error is fatal meaning the lookup cannot continue. If you get this error use your back button to return to this page and narrow the search criteria.

There are plants in WCVP and WFO that have a status of 'Invalid', 'Illegitimate', 'Misapplied', 'Unchecked', or 'Unplaced', one can only assume that they are there because, although incorrect, they have information that needs to be retained. MOP-DB also keeps those plants in its lists which can lead to confusion at times. When your lookup only has results with a status being one of the above you can assume the name is not valid. However your lookup might also find a name with a status of 'Accepted' which should be considered valid.

See the section called 'Plant Scientific Names' on this website's main Help page, and a PDF document explaining some of the syntax at 'Plant Name Syntax'. Both can also be accessed using help in the main menu.

See the Accepted Names section in the help on the Plant Taxon (Scientific Name) Lookup page.


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