MOP-DB Change Log

Version 20210101
FIX: Stop fields Altitude and Temperature being incorrectly set to 0 when saving edits threw an error.
FIX: Stop truncation of photo alt and caption fields that contained quotes.

Version 20201206
TWEAK: Improved handling of login timeout during plant edit, now uses a popup login form to avoid data loss.

Version 20201119
FIX: Removed bug that broke portrait photo uploads on mobile devices.
FIX: Broken password create and reset routines that failed getting the user profile.
FIX: Increased size of "Common Names" field from 125 to 250 characters.
TWEAK: On Plant Search page changed logged in default for "Which Plants?" from "All Permitted" to "My Plants".

Version 20201027
NEW: Multiple sizes for thumbnails in browse and search results. Small, Medium, and Large.
NEW: Added 'Add a Plant' and 'Thumbnails' to the Help page.

Version 20200930
NEW: The 'Plant View' page can now be printed using the browser's print feature.

Version 20200928
NEW: Added Attribution field to 'Photo Captions' section in 'Plant Edit'.
NEW: Added 'Photo Captions and Attributes' to help page.
FIX: Correct failure to export fields using drop-down selection, like 'Dormancy'.

Version 20200804
NEW: Added unit conversion popups on Plant Edit page. Click icons next to inputs of length or temperature.
NEW: Added new field 'Keywords' to plants, just words to use in searches, appears in 'Notes' section.
NEW: Added 'Browse Plants' button to Home page and 'Browse' in the main menu, like search but with no options, for when you want to quickly see all the plants you can.
NEW: For IOS only, on Plant Edit page trap Cancel clicks when there are unsaved edits.

Version 20200627
NEW: Added leaf and flower colors. With popup tool 'Colour Tuner' for selecting colors.

Version 20200512
NEW: 'Links' field in plants for storing the addresses of reference web pages.
NEW: 'Notepad' field in profile to allow members to keep personal notes.

Version 20200510
TWEAK: Changed Nickname to Display Name to avoid confusion.
FIX: Pressing Enter in Plant search invokes Search instead of Save Filter.

Version 20200508
NEW: Updated email components.
TWEAK: More checks on photo upload data.
FIX: Stopped search results window from scrolling to the top when clicking a plant.

Version 20200504
NEW: Added Privacy Policy in Help menu.
TWEAK: After adding a new plant redirect to the Plant View page instead of Plant Edit.

Version 20200430
FIX: Ignore bad EXIF dimensions in some photo files that would stop uploading.
TWEAK: Simplified Search builder to look better on phones.
REMOVED: Filter control 'Invert' to fit better on phones. Probably would not be used.
REMOVED: Button icons from filter control buttons to make more space on phones.

Version 20200423
NEW: Ability to drag and drop photo files for uploading.
NEW: Photo crop method now shows portrait photos from mobiles the right way up.
NEW: Photo crop method now allows for recropping until satisfied.
NEW: Photos from mobile devices are now auto-rotated on the server after upload.
NEW: Wait spinner shows when uploading large photos.
FIX: Evergreen tooltip is no longer truncated.

Version 20200408
NEW - Added this Change Log.
NEW - Ability to save and recall plant search filter rule sets by name.
NEW - Ability to search on a Plant's owner (Nickname).
NEW - About page.
FIX - Report Plant Add error properly when failing with invalid characters and leading/trailing spaces.

Version 20200328
NEW - Added notice on Edit page's Photos tab saying to press Save when there are unsaved edits.