MOP-DB Change Log

Version 20230528
NEW: Experimental: taxon lookup has been developed further so that there is an advanced search engine allowing for smarter searches.
NEW: Add new plant now rejects multiple consecutive spaces or a tab.

Version 20230402
NEW: Experimental: taxon lookup against WCVP (Kew) data.

Version 20230308
NEW: Can now search on Photo fields Alt, Attribution, Caption, and Filename.
NEW: Taxa syntax checker now recognizes "Species" as a reserved word.

Version 20221214
NEW: MOP-DB now uses WebP format for images.
NEW: Photos in WebP format are now accepted for upload.
NEW: Photos uploaded in JPEG or PNG format are converted to WebP during upload.

Version 20220825
Internal changes only.

Version 20220810
FIX: Missing error message when uploading a photo too big.

Version 20220701
FIX: Fixed a potential fatal error.

Version 20220606
Massive internal changes, hopefully none of them seen by users.
NEW: Most forms can now be cancelled with the Escape key.
NEW: Date and time fields now use universal time (UTC), same as GMT.
NEW: Member setting 'Default thumbnail Size'.
TWEAK: Default for thumbnails is now 'Medium' instead of 'Small'.
TWEAK: Many minor changes that don't alter overall functionality, like help and email text.
FIX: When saving a plant filter the duplicate name check now only checks your own filters.
FIX: Some photos with missing EXIF data were uploaded in the wrong orientation.

Version 20220222
NEW: Show US units alongside metric ones on Plant View page.
FIX: Rounding errors in unit conversion m -> ft, etc.
FIX: Fixed search crash.

Version 20220216
FIX: The caption under expanded photos now comes from the 'Caption' field not the 'Alt' field.

Version 20220213
NEW: Multiple histories.

Version 20211202
NEW: Optional syntax verification for edited Scientific Names.

Version 20210909
NEW: Syntax verifier for checking Scientific Names against the 'International Code of Nomenclature'.
NEW: PDF document "Plant Nomenclature Syntax".
TWEAK: Added a help section "Plant Scientific Names".
FIX: Failure to create case insensitive export list properly.

Version 20210715
TWEAK: MOP-DB is cleaner and faster. Changes should be invisible to users.

Version 20210627
FIX: Failure to crop when uploading a photo and crop box was either full width or full height.
TWEAK: Internal changes that should be invisible to users.

Version 20210622
TWEAK: Increased max photo size from 1080p (1920 x 1080) to 4K (3840 x 2160).
TWEAK: Handle hybrid X when italicising scientific names.
TWEAK: Internal changes that should be invisible to users.

Version 20210301
TWEAK: Slightly reduce load times.
FIX: Stop fields 'Altitude' and 'Temperature' being incorrectly set to 0 when there is an error saving edits.
FIX: Photo 'Alt' and 'Caption' fields can now contain single quotes, no more truncation.

Version 20201206
TWEAK: Improved handling of login timeout during plant edit, now uses a popup login form to log back in and avoid data loss.

Version 20201119
FIX: Removed bug that broke portrait photo uploads on mobile devices.
FIX: Broken password create and reset routines that failed getting the user profile.
FIX: Increased size of 'Common Names' field from 125 to 250 characters.
TWEAK: On Plant Search page changed logged in default for "Which Plants?" from "All Permitted" to "My Plants".

Version 20201027
NEW: Multiple sizes for thumbnails in browse and search results. Small, Medium, and Large.
NEW: "Add a Plant" and "Thumbnails" sections on the Help page.

Version 20200930
NEW: The 'Plant View' page can now be printed using the browser's print feature.

Version 20200928
NEW: 'Attribution' field in "Photo Captions" section of "Plant Edit" page.
NEW: "Photo Captions and Attributes" section on help page.
FIX: Correct failure to export fields that use drop-down selection, like 'Dormancy'.

Version 20200804
NEW: Added unit conversion popups on "Plant Edit" page. Click icons next to inputs of length or temperature.
NEW: Added new field 'Keywords' to plants, just words to use in searches, appears in "Notes" section.
NEW: Added 'Browse Plants' button to Home page and 'Browse' in the main menu, like search but with no options, to quickly see all plants possible.
NEW: For IOS only, on Plant Edit page trap Cancel clicks when there are unsaved edits.

Version 20200627
NEW: Added leaf and flower colors. With popup tool 'Colour Tuner' for selecting colors.

Version 20200512
NEW: 'Links' field in plants for storing the addresses of reference web pages.
NEW: 'Notepad' field in profile to allow members to keep personal notes.

Version 20200510
TWEAK: Changed Nickname to Display Name to avoid confusion.
FIX: Pressing Enter in Plant search invokes Search instead of Save Filter.

Version 20200508
NEW: Updated email components.
TWEAK: More checks on photo upload data.
FIX: Stopped search results window from scrolling to the top when clicking a plant.

Version 20200504
NEW: Added Privacy Policy in Help menu.
TWEAK: After adding a new plant redirect to the Plant View page instead of Plant Edit.

Version 20200430
FIX: Ignore bad EXIF dimensions in some photo files that would stop uploading.
TWEAK: Simplified Search builder to look better on phones.
REMOVED: Filter control 'Invert' to fit better on phones. Probably would not be used.
REMOVED: Button icons from filter control buttons to make more space on phones.

Version 20200423
NEW: Ability to drag and drop photo files for uploading.
NEW: Photo crop method now shows portrait photos from mobiles the right way up.
NEW: Photo crop method now allows for recropping until satisfied.
NEW: Photos from mobile devices are now auto-rotated on the server after upload.
NEW: Wait spinner shows when uploading large photos.
FIX: Evergreen tooltip is no longer truncated.

Version 20200408
NEW - Added this Change Log.
NEW - Ability to save and recall plant search filter rule sets by name.
NEW - Ability to search on a Plant's owner (Nickname).
NEW - About page.
FIX - Report Plant Add error properly when failing with invalid characters and leading/trailing spaces.

Version 20200328
NEW - Added notice on Edit page's Photos tab saying to press Save when there are unsaved edits.
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