Privacy Policy

MOP-DB is an online plant database that allows users to store information about their plants along with photos.

Personal Information

MOP-DB stores the minimum personal data required to be effective. We do not actively share personal data with anyone, however a Member's Display Name can be visible to all site visitors.

When you sign up for a member account we require:
  • Display name - the name by which you will be known to other users, can be seen on-screeen by all visitors to the site including non-members.
  • Username - the name used to login, cannot be seen by other visitors to the site.
  • Email Address - for contacting members when personal information changes, such as a password reset. Cannot be seen by other visitors to the site.
  • Password - used for login, encrypted before storing, nobody can read it, not even MOP-DB admin.
When you sign up you can optionally supply:
  • Phone number - so we can contact you if your email doesn't work, cannot be seen by other visitors to the site.
  • Comment - any text to remind MOP-DB admin who you are, cannot be seen by other visitors to the site.

Plant Data

This site is all about entering and sharing data pertaining to plants, it should not be a surprise that most plant data can be seen by any visitor to the site.
The default for plant data sharing is "Public", but that data can be made "Private", or made visible only to other site "Members".
However it is hoped that members will allow all their plant data to be public, and avoid entering anything that they do not wish to share. Note that the history section of a plant's data can be made private independently of the other plant data.


Any photos that are uploaded by members for a plant that is "Public" can be downloaded by any visitor to the site. If as a member you wish to copyright a public photo it must contain a visible copyright mark within the image.

Financial Information

MOP-DB does not handle any personal financial information such as credit cards.

Updates to the Privacy Policy

MOP-DB reserves the right to change the privacy policy if it becomes necessary. Any changes will be reflected in this page.
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